Natural Wetsuit Cleaner that Really Works

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No more stinky wetsuits!
Pau Pilau wetsuit cleaner takes out the odor completely!

Pau Pilau is an All-Natural wetsuit cleaner formulated for use on wetsuits and other neoprene products.

It is the environmentally safe way to not only clean your wetsuit, but also restore your wetsuit and other neoprene products to their store bought condition by restoring its elasticity, in turn extending the life of your wetsuit.

Pau Pilau is an economical, easy-to-use concentrate that will penetrate into the pores of the neoprene and digest all foul smelling organic matter such as urine, mold and algae residue.

Pau Pilau natural wetsuit cleaner is a bacterial formulation found in nature that rids neoprene of harmful organic waste.

Pau Pilau dormant (in the bottle) once activated in water immediately seeks out organic waste as its food and energy source. When you wash a wetsuit with Pau Pilau the byproduct is water and carbon dioxide, just as in decomposition and recycling in nature.

Pau Pilau wetsuit cleaner was discovered by an experienced surfer while working for Drainbo Natural cleaning products.
Looking for a truly effective way to clean a wetsuit and deodorize it he was able to use existing technology and fine tune it to amazing effect.

Now available at your favorite surf shop or right here online in 16oz, 32oz and 1 gallon size bottles, we are sure you’ll be quickly convinced that Pau Pilau is the answer you have been searching for to clean a wetsuit.

We guarantee it or your money back!

Never pull a stinky wetsuit on your body again!

Client Testimonials

Minerva Zaniebeth Gomez


5-Star Review
Love the smell of my wetsuit when using this product. Really works well!

Howard HK Keli’inoi

Kula Nalu Ocean Sports - Mauli Ola Foundation

Pau Pilau is a fantastic product. We here at Kula Nalu Ocean sports have been using this product for about 3 years and we have had stellar results.
Our ocean sports students always have a fresh wetsuit to put on and they wear it with confidence. We often say we experience two types of surfers, the ones who pee in their wetsuits, and the ones who lie about it! By using Pau Pilau we don’t have to worry about a thing. We depend on this product to provide fresh sanitized wetsuits for our clients. We also have saved a ton of money preserving the suits due to this product keeping the colors bright and the neoprene soft.

We at Kula Nalu, have been a key element to the Mauli Ola Foundation providing equipment with surf experience days for patients with genetic disorders. The need for a sanitary environment is crucial for the cystic fibrosis patients and Pau Pilau has been a huge help by giving back, they have been providing product to help us keep the patients safe with an organic solution to sanitation.

We as well as the best surfers in the world highly recommend this product to everyone who uses wetsuit.

Thanks guys for all you Do!

John McKenzie


5-Star Review

This stuff works great! We used to use enzyme cleaners on stinky dive gear but this product is superior. I highly recommend it. It takes the stink out. We even use it in the laundry with smelly undergarments.

Daren Levitt

New Hampshire

I tell my kids the Wet Suit is like Las Vegas, What happens in the Suit stays in the Suit..

I live in New Hampshire and travel almost an hour and a half to the Maine Coast to surf and you have to wear a wet suit year round. Sometimes It get home late at night and forget the suits in the car and the next day it is disgusting. Thanks to Pau Pilau, its a piece of cake, so easy and works so well.

I love this stuff, it is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Santa Cruz, CA

I am completely sold on your product… I can’t believe the difference it made for our wetsuits and my kids’ incredibly smelly booties. The neoprene comes out so fresh and rubbery, like new, and the booties don’t smell anymore.

Thank you :)

Rick R

Christian Surfers - Huntington Beach

To the crew at Pau Pilau, thank you so much for making such a killer cleaning product for my wetsuits. I have been using Pau Pilau for more than a year now and always knew it was good for my wetsuits, but it wasn’t until last weekend that I realized how good this product really is.
My buddy and I went surfing and he forgot his wetsuit in my van so I told him I would clean it for him. When I took it out of his bag it smelled so bad I could hardly even touch it. After soaking it in Pau Pilau for more than 20 minutes I hung it up to dry and now it smells and feels like a new wetsuit. Thank you for making a product for our wetsuits that not only makes them smell good but also removes all the dirty bacteria from the water.



Removed the funk from my Patagonia R2. This is what they suggest using in Patagonia company surf stores, too.

Naomi Tsurumoto


Used to wash wetsuit in washing machine to get rid of smell. Do need to do it anymore. Great product.

John D

New Jersey

I got a rip curl f-bomb that I forgot all about during snowboarding season and was to lazy to clean! It was in my shed for 3 months in a plastic bag! I tried the rip curl cleaner piss off, but that **** (Edited)sucked! I’m ordering a 32oz bottle of pau pilau! If this stuff works and restores my wetsuit back to its epic flexible, soft, and non-smelly condition, expect me to buy even more! And tell everyone about it!!

The product worked incredibly. Within 2 washes it removed all of the smell, and amazingly it restored its stretchiness and put my rough neoprene back to its smooth and softness. Pretty awesome, I’ve told all my friends and local shops about Pau Pilau and will totally continue too. You rock dude!

Gordon Horne

Carmel, CA

Hi…….we live in carmel and i was up at freeline (santa cruz) a few months ago and saw pau pilau…… caught my eye simply because i was raised by a hawaiian dad and grandma who spoke to me in hawaiian. lol when i saw the name because i now speak to my 11 year old son makena in hawaiian/pidgin………… lau lau how come you nevah rinsed your booties……. da whole house pilau!!! i am a single daddy ( i surf 5-6 times a week) with the most surf stoked son….(skim,boogie,surf…roll in the rotting kelp etc.) who has no desire to rinse his gear. anyway we paddled out at capitola the other day and as he was putting his rash guard on the pungent aroma was to much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YUUUUUKKKKKKK!!!!!! i have even used surgical scrub ( i am a board certified addictions specialist who has a great boss/friend/physician who suggested i try it out) to get this stuff de stinkafied… luck. used your product last night and i can’t stop smelling my son’s rash guard this a.m. I AM SO STOKED IT SMELLS GOOD FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE WE BOUGHT IT!!!!!!!!!!!! MAHALO IA OE ………MAIKA’I LOA !!!!!”PAU PILAU” NO KA OI!!! and thanks…Kahu Gordon William Horne C.A.S., N.C.A.C. I.